TufGuard Products

by Tuflock.com

PUCK Padlock Hasp

The SHUT-OUT®Padlock Hasp designed for the PUCK Padlock. Designed to mount on Vending Machine Doors. Constructed of solid steel and is electroplated with a black finish that blends in with the physical appearance of vending machine doors. The design of the hasp restricts prying of the exterior door to gain access to the bill acceptor. PUCK Padlocks such as theCobra Universal PUCK Padlocks will fit this hasp.


  • Protects vending machine bill acceptors
  • Made of solid steel with black finish
  • Designed for vending machine doors
Stacker Protection Cover

TufGuard Stacker Cover
Our TufGuard Stacker Cover was designed to protect vending machines from “Pry and Snatch” attacks. Pry and Snatch attacks occur when the side of the vending machine is pried back and opened to expose the Bill Acceptor and Bill Stacker where the dollar bills are stored, the bills are then “Snatched” out of the Bill Stacker. The Bill Stacker is usually made of plastic.

The TufGuard Stacker Cover fits over the Plastic Bill Acceptor Stacker providing steel protection of the stacker and the bills.

  • Constructed of Solid Steel
  • Powder Coated for Durability
  • Protects the Bill Acceptor Stacker
  • Prevents “Pry and Snatch” attacks
  • No Installation – just slip over the stacker
Padlock Protection

In-Line Hasp is designed to surround and protect  padlocks from physical attacks.  Constructed of Hardened Steel, with a satin chrome finish.

  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Satin Chrome Finish
  • Used on Vendding Machines


Includes ALL mounting hardware and back plates for secure installation.